Apple releases iOS 9.2, brings Arabic language support to Siri

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In a minor update, Apple has added Arabic language support to Siri, improved the Safari View Controller, and has brought various other improvements with iOS 9.2.

The improved Safari View Controller makes it easy to view websites within apps and dismiss them when you’re done. Arabic language support for Siri is also a first and welcome addition in the update.

iOS 9.2 also has a bunch of improvements and bug fixes according to 9to5Mac, such as how you can now create a new playlist when adding a song to a playlist; iBook now supporting 3D Touch, which lets you take a peek at pages from the table of contents; as well as a new Top Stories section in News.

Previous beta versions had support for NumberSync, a feature that’s particular to AT&T users and lets you can use other connected devices to send and receive text messages, or make phone calls even when your iPhone isn’t near at hand. According to 9to5Mac, the feature was taken out of recent beta versions and isn’t in the 9.2 release, but that’s probably because NumberSync won’t be launching until early next year.

One feature to take note of is that with iOS 9.2, iPhones support USB camera adapters to import photos and videos, which means you don’t have to sync your device to a computer first before transferring photos from your camera to an iPhone.

But iOS isn’t the only operating system getting an update — Apple’s watchOS 2.1 is available now as well. The changelog says the update also adds Arabic language support for Siri and various other improvements such as support for right-to-left user interface and addressing issues that prevented third-party apps from launching, according to 9to5Mac.

iOS 9.2 is being pushed as an over-the-air update to all iOS 9 users. The update has been in testing since late October. You can grab watchOS 2.1 from the Watch app on your iPhone.


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