BoseBuild Build It Yourself Speakers For Kids Announced

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Bose has announced BoseBuild which is designed to help kids learn how to build their own speakers and ‘explore the science of sound’.

The company is launching the BoseBuild Speaker Cuber which kids can built into a working speaker, it is designed for kids ages eight and above.

Believing that hands-on exploration is the key to sparking a child’s curiosity, Bose Corporation has officially launched BOSEbuild, the company’s new “build-it-yourself” category focused specifically on kids.  BOSEbuild’s first product is the Speaker Cube, a complete kit that lets kids explore the science of sound by making a Bose® Bluetooth® speaker – and use their creativity to personalize it with colors and covers.

“Dr. Bose was fascinated with electric trains when he was very young,” says Bob Maresca, CEO and president of Bose.  “He learned how they worked by taking them apart and putting them back together, and he had that same insatiable curiosity throughout his entire life.  That spirit is still at the heart of Bose.  And it’s a great example of what we’d like BOSEbuild to offer – fun and relatable ways for kids to make something they really want and can use for years to come, while learning about the incredible science and technology behind it.”

You can find out more details about the new BoseBuild speaker over at Bose at the link below, the speaker will cost $149.

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