Channel your inner Uber driver with this car mount for your smartphone

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The fun reason to get a car mount for your phone is that it lets you channel your inner Uber driver. The practical reason is that it is way safer — and less illegal — than trying to navigate with your phone on your lap.

The Avantek cell phone car mount fits in the air vents of your car dashboard. Its spring-loaded arms will hold most recent-model phones, and they’re padded to prevent any scratching or damage.

Once its mounted, just clamp in your phone and rotate the 360-degree adjustable head so its easy for you to see. Then, open whatever direction app you like and drive off, safely. (And if you’re shuttling your friends around, feel free to ask them for a cash tip.)

The Avantek mount is available now for just $9.99—67 percent off its normal price of $29.99.

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