Flathub, the Linux App Store, Has a Slick New Website

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The Flathub app repository is like an “app store” for Linux desktops, filled with both mainstream applications and smaller projects. It’s one of the best places to get new programs for your Linux PC, regardless of what distribution you’re using, and now it has a new look.

Flathub’s website is getting a brand-new look, with a design that’s less utilitarian and more in line with app stores by Google or Microsoft. You can browse apps by different categories, such as Music & Video or Graphics & Photography, or you can choose to pull up verified apps only¬†— ensuring that the listings you’re getting are provided by the app’s original developer, and not by a third-party repacking the app.

Dino on Flathub image
An app on the new Flathub

Of course, all apps are packaged in the Flatpak container format, ensuring that regardless of what Linux distribution you’re using (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Pop!_OS, and many more), the app you want to download will work on your machine.

If you think you saw this redesign before, you’re not mistaken. The Flathub team has been testing this new design for some time, in addition to a full-blown rebranding. Now, it’s being rolled out to everyone using the web client.

If your Linux machine is in need of some apps, this website with this brand-new design might just be worth a look. Your Linux distribution might also have a desktop application for browsing Flatpak applications.

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