M3D Pro 3D Printer Unveiled For $500

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M3D has this week unveiled a new 3D printer the company has created aimed at professionals, and takes the form of the aptly named M3D Pro 3D Printer.

The M3D Pro 3D Printer is powered by two ARM-core processors and is equipped with over 12 different sensors to help it provide high performance printing, consistency and reliability says M3D for a $500 price.

The Pro 3D Printer wasn’t veiled at this week’s CE Week 2016 in New York which runs from June 21st-23rd 2016. M3D explains a little more in its press release :

Every hardware component within M3D’s newest model was built to optimize efficiency and accuracy while maintaining its inherent accessibility and affordability, simplifying the process of taking a 3D file to a 3D print for consumers and professionals alike.

M3D Pro 3D Printer

Features of the M3D Pro 3D Printer include :

– Heated print bed – A tempered glass surface automatically adjusts temperature, providing consistent 3D printing without any adhesion or sticking issues
– Large build volume – You can print objects up to 7.8” tall or 7.2” x 7.2” wide
– Embedded recovery – the M3D Pro is able to recover from print failures like outages, pauses, and filament shortage or jams, with saved data
– Standalone mode – M3D’s software automatically starts printing, and will transfer print jobs to an internal memory chip, allowing for continuous standalone printing
– Advanced sensor network – with the world’s first dual-ARM processor system, the Pro fuses data from more than two dozen sensors to provide industry leading consistency and reliability
– Construction – includes precision ground metal components, glass surface heated bed, and durable ABS frame
– Accuracy: 25-350 micron layer heights, 0.40 mm nozzle extrusion
– Print speed: typically prints filament at 60mm/s, and travels at speeds up to 120 mm/s

Jump over to the official M3D website for more details and full specifications.

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