Windows 11 Is Getting a Built-In QR Code Scanner

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The included camera application on Windows can capture photos and video, but not much more than that. Thankfully, Microsoft is starting to pack in new features for people using Windows 11.

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Camera versionĀ 2022.2206.2.0 is starting to roll out to Windows Insiders running the Dev Channel of Windows 11. The app was already capable of ‘scanning’ documents and whiteboards, where the edges are trimmed just like phone-based document scanner apps, but now it can also recognize and scan QR codes and barcodes. The built-in camera apps on most phones can read QR codes, and now you won’t need a third-party app for scanning them with your PC’s camera either.

Windows 11 Cameran image

Microsoft is also updating Camera to fit in better with Windows 11’s look and feel, with a grey border around the camera preview and updated icons. It’s not too different from the current app, but it has finally shed the last remnants of early Windows 10 design.

The new update was revealed alongside new features for the Media Player in Windows 11, including the ability to rip CDs.

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