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Google search engine is one of the top search engines in the world and the search terms technology has changing rapidly.  Voice search is the future of Google search technology. If you are promoting your business online and you want on the top position with your industry search terms, it is the right time to promote your business as per Voice search algorithm. The searches has shifted from text search to voice search and 2019 will be the year which will bring this change in search technology.

Voice Search

Below are
11 tips to optimize your website for voice search –

1 – Website should be compatible for https framework

2 – Increase website authority and build
links with authority websites                                                                                        

3 – Optimize website to load fast with 4.6 seconds or less

4 – Write more content like 500 words, with headlines and more FAQ
way content.

5 – FAQ section should be there at website. Add content on website like what, why, how, when, where etc.

6 – Fill website details like NAP. Name, address, phone etc. with
business opening and closing hours

7 – Find voice search keywords or long variations keywords or
phrases which means conversational keywords

8 – Optimize website for feature snippets, use structured data for

9 – Make your website mobile friendly

10 – Try to optimized or add video based content

11 – Optimized website for local searches

As AL technology
is behind the voice search and more accurate, it has many advantages –

  • It offers to work easily as multi tasker
  • It fetches the results faster
  • It easily and instantly gets information
  • It makes the daily life easier
  • It helps those users to get information easily who does not know the typing

Who are the industry players in this area?

• Google developers offers Google Home.
• The Apple has Homepod
• Microsoft’s voice assistant is Cortana.
• Amazon is offering Amazon Echo.

As per research people do search more about, location, some tips,
deals, sale, upcoming events, customer support and more.

Those, who has already implemented the voice search technology in to
their online business, will improve their content visibility significantly.

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