Netflix Launches Short Comedy Clips on Your TV

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Netflix is testing a new feature called Fast Laughs on TVs, which comes with lots of quick funny videos for you to watch through your Netflix account. It’s like TikTok but without the user-created element.

The feature, which Netflix calls Fast Laughs, lets you sift through many curated videos that are about 30 seconds or longer. The Verge first reported the feature’s arrival on TVs. Previously, it was only available on smartphones, but now Netflix is rolling it out to its TV apps.

The clips come from shows and movies on Netflix, so they’re designed to introduce you to new stuff you may not have watched before. You might see a funny scene from a show in Fast Laughs and realize that it features the type of humor that suits you.

If you’re able to access the opt-in feature, which is currently in testing with select users, you can scroll down to the bottom of the Netflix homepage on your TV until you see the Fast Laughs section. It’s not personalized like the rest of your Netflix homepage. Instead, the content is curated by Netflix’s staff.

It’s not clear if and when this feature will roll out to the Netflix user-base at large. It’ll probably come down to how many users actually enjoy it during the test.

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