PS4 vs Xbox One

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It was a closely fought contest between Microsoft and Sony during Black Friday week in the UK.

Only 5,000 sales separated the Xbox One and PS4 during a week of discounts.

With 139,000 sales, the PS4 narrowly beat the Xbox One, which sold 134,000 units.

PS4 sales were up by 28.6% on Black Friday 2014, while Xbox One sales were up by 23.3%.

According to sales figures obtained by MCV, the Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Vita only managed to sell a combined 42,000.

It’s good news for Sony, which will be looking to build on the PS4’s impressive 30 million sales.

However, with some great exclusives and Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, the Xbox One could be due a comeback.

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