You Can Now Purchase Razer’s Wild Head-Tracking Soundbar

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Razer sells everything from gaming keyboards to laptops, but the company also has some full-sized speakers. The company revealed an advanced head-tracking soundbar earlier this year at CES, and now you can buy it.

The Razer Leviathan V2 Pro is a powerful soundbar intended for a desktop setup, with a few extra features beyond normal audio output. For one, it has a new spatial audio tech that employs infrared cameras to detect where your head is and adjust your audio accordingly, so you always have the best-possible sound regardless of your current position.

In addition to that, the soundbar also has Razer’s excellent Chroma RGB lights, which can dynamically change in supported games. They are also fully customizable and they can be synced with other gaming gadgets and accessories you own and use on your PC.

The Leviathan V2 Pro was announced more than a month ago, but now, it’s officially available for purchase. It’ll set you back a considerable amount of money, though — at $399, it’s far from the cheapest thing out there, but it’ll still be worth it if you really value the set of features it brings to the table.

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